A very nice pipeline is developing, now that Nora is so agreeable about eating greens.

  • We cook meat or fish once or twice a week, refrigerate some leftovers, and stockpile freezer balls.
  • I make oatmeal for the entire week in one giant batch and store it in the refrigerator. We all eat from it for breakfast and lunch.
  • I soak and dehydrate walnuts as soon as we buy them, every few weeks or so.
  • I periodically steam and chop several days’ worth of greens for Nora, making freezer balls if there’s extra.
  • I plan on making a week’s worth of grains for the family at a time, now that we have the Instant Pot. We can rotate varieties as I learn how to prepare them (right now it’s rice and millet).
  • I plan on adding large pots of legume dishes to the mix, once I work out how to soak and prepare them. Legumes, like grains, are easy to cook in bulk.

The following are all refrigerator and freezer staples that Nora eats regularly:

  • eggs
  • yogurt
  • cheese
  • fresh fruit
  • avocado
  • bread

So for any given meal, Nora always has a protein, a grain, green veggies, fruit, and some finger foods. These are always on hand either in the refrigerator or as frozen freezer balls.

She joins us for family dinners and weekend meals when we can cook something relatively quick, and gets fed her own dinner first when we can’t.


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