Why Eat Veggies

Nora is not always the biggest fan of veggies. She’ll eat them as long as they’re nice and soft and mixed with avocado, yogurt, or eggs, but she just doesn’t get excited the way she does with fish or meat. Which left me wondering: why are veggies so important and why do we push them so hard? I knew about all the vitamins they contain, but I just learned from Paleo Mom about their importance in the acid-base balance of the body.


At the level of kidney filtration, some foods are acidic and some are alkaline. Extra acid is passed into the urine, but if the body is lacking in alkaline foods, it will use extra calcium from your bones to process the acid.

Basically all fruits and veggies are alkaline. Eggs are effectively neutral. Nuts and seeds are a mixed bag, with some being alkaline and some (especially the high omega-6 ones) being neutral. Meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, grains, legumes, dairy, modern vegetable oils, and salt are all acidic.

Consuming vegetables is still an important way to protect your bones  and your kidneys, while also providing many key vitamins and minerals unavailable in meat.  And it is still true that the more alkalizing foods you consume, the better.


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