Sprouted Almonds!

I was surprised – I soaked some Trader Joe’s raw almonds the same way I soaked the walnuts, an entire (4 cup) bag with plenty of water and with a tablespoon of salt. I was very surprised that perhaps 7 or 8 hours later, the almonds had actually started sprouting. (Recipes for sprouting call for a pinch of salt, not a tablespoon!)

Previous Internet research said that “raw” almonds sold in the U.S. are always pasteurized, but almonds that are pasteurized with steam rather than irradiation or treatment with chemicals can still be sprouted. I also ran across a claim that Trader Joe’s raw almonds are steam-pasteurized. I guess all of the above is true!

The almond skins slipped right off and the inside was very sweet and tender. Quite tasty, though I don’t like the taste of the skins as much and can’t be bothered to peel them all before dehydrating.


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