Dental Research References

This blog post by Ramiel Nagel gives some more references I’d like to track down, specifically the work of dentists Melvin Page, Ralph Steinman, and John Leonora.

Dentist Melvin Page went into further detail of how modern foods affect our bodies, he found that cavities occur as a result of imbalances in our calcium and phosphorus metabolism. When the calcium and phosphorus ratios in our blood go out of balance, we get tooth cavities, or gum disease. Correcting the levels, primarily through a change in diet, resolved the problem.

Most recently dentist Ralph Steinman, together with John Leonora, found that whether we have healthy teeth or not is regulated by our glandular health – particularly the hypothalamus in the brain and the parotid glands in the jaw. These glands control whether we have active decay or healthy teeth (no decay) based upon the fluid flow in the microscopic channels within the teeth.


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