Child Only Wants Bread and Fruit

Ramiel Nagel says that the way to get a child who doesn’t want to eat protein and fat to eat those items is to limit their sugar intake. Given that Nora loves protein and fat and is fairly indifferent to breads and cereals, this has never been our problem, but it certainly makes sense to me.

I certainly know my share of parents whose kids only seem to want carbs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the sugar cycle is the reason. What this doesn’t explain is why kids don’t like veggies!

My Child Won’t Eat Meat and Has Tooth Decay

Q: What can I do about a child who won’t eat meat or enough high quality food I give them. All my child wants is bread and fruit.

A: Your child’s appetite is largely influenced by the health of his intestines and intestinal bacteria. We have found that if we limit our daughter’s access to sugar then after about a day she will have an increased appetite for proteins and fats. That sugar does not just include processed sugar, but natural sugar from fruit. Probiotics and fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, may also help the condition. Limiting excessive use of sweet foods and grains that are not properly prepared will also help. Children mirror and mimic their parents’ food habits. Pay attention to the foods you eat and you might find as a parent that even though you may eat meat or eggs, you could be a finicky eater and eat too many foods that are not in balance with your needs. While these habits may not affect you too much, they affect your child to a greater degree. Sometimes children won’t eat meat if they have a chronic feeling of pain and emotional upset.

One particular problem that causes children to crave too many carbohydrate foods is phytic acid. Phytic acid in grains, nuts, seeds, and beans can alter your child’s digestive balance. By reducing or eliminating phytic acid in your child’s diet, you can get them to move towards more of a whole foods diet that includes more animal protein.


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